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A message from the Managing Director

Bold Security mission is to provide the best security and consulting services to our customers by demonstrating responsiveness, diligence, judgment, and building on our culture of excellence. As we say;

 “Customers safety and to protect the public is our bold mission””

Bold Security aim, therefore, is to meet and exceed our customer’s security needs with the finest trained; best supervised and highly motivated security officers in the industry. We will always relate to our customer’s needs by providing site-specific focus and ensuring that our customer’s requirements are above ours. We will never stop improving until we become the most respected security company in the industry.

We hope to make Bold Security your first choice for peace of mind, safety, and security.

February 2018

Commercial Director — Mr. Carl Honeysett  

Bold Security Group (UK) Ltd are pleased to announce the appointment of Carl Honeysett as Commercial Director. Carl has over 24 years in the security business and brings vast experience to the company.

He started out his career in the Parachute Regiment serving 6 years carrying out various tours of Northern Ireland. He has also served with Sussex Police.

His security career has taken him to working at Gatwick Airport, carrying out Airline Security measures and documentation checks, along with some foreign travel. In addition, Carl has also worked at Heathrow Airport and was part of the Security Management team for the opening of Terminal 2.

Carl has worked in the Corporate Security Sector for Fidelity Investments at their site location in Lower Kingswood, Surrey. For a period of 10 years, he was the site manager at the Global Pharmaceutical Company Novartis at the Research, Development and Manufacturing site in, West Sussex. His last role was Security Business Manager with VSG a Compass Group Company. There he had a wide ranging mixed portfolio of client locations across various sectors of industry. From Rural Corporate locations at Wakehurst in Sussex to London locations in Hammersmith, Shopping Centres in Wandsworth & Ealing, and individual shop locations for national accounts across London within the M25.

From single man locations through to structured teams with on site managers, Carl has a proven track record of managing and delivering to clients along with internal and external customers. His role at Bold security is to develop and expand the business to the next level, enhancing the operation that is already in place at Bold Security.

Carl will be attending Essex Chambers of Commerce events in the coming months and will look forward to networking and being a part of the business. If you would like to network ahead of planned events, please email at Carl.Honeysett@boldsecurity.co.uk or contact our offices in Grays.

January 2018

Officer of the Month — Mr. Mathew Foster

Congratulations to Mr. Mathew Foster for the nomination of the Officer of the Month. He has been nominated by the client for outstanding commitment and service, a very good indicator that the contract is going well.

 “I have known Mr. Mathew Foster since 6 months and have always found his service provision very good. I would like to offer my congratulations and feel that an award for his level of professionalism was always due”.

Go Green – Our footprint at work.

Our Environmental Management System is designed to reduce our carbon footprint at our offices at Essex. We will be implementing various initiatives to reduce our energy consumption, paper management, vehicle management, and recycling. You can also make a difference on site. For instance,

 Do you leave your computer and monitor on when you are away from your desk?

 Do you leave the lights on when you patrol?

 Do you print documents unnecessarily and could you print two pages to a side and double sided?

Another initiative we want to introduce is to utilise the email systems more effectively. Most of you have a personal email account. We envisage processing all annual leave requests and return confirmations, uniform requests, pay queries, pay advice slips and this company newsletter by email. We would like to encourage all of you to join in, please send me your email address now so we can start to make a difference,

We all need to lead the way…

 Did you know…?

 Electricity is one of the biggest producers of carbon emissions, so every time you make a coffee or turn the television on, you are adding to global warming.

Here’s a list of simple things we can all do immediately

These will start to reduce your contribution to global warming. The items in this list will cost you no money at all and will, in fact, save your money.

 Sign up to a green energy supplier, who will supply electricity from renewable sources (e.g. wind and hydroelectric power) this will reduce your carbon footprint contribution from electricity to zero, Turn it off when not in use (lights, television, DVD player, Hi-Fi, computer etc. etc. …)

 Turn down the central heating slightly (try just 1 to 2 degrees C)

 Turn down the water heating setting (just 2 degrees will make a significant saving)

 Fill your dishwasher and washing machine with a full load this will save you water, electricity, and washing powder.

 Fill the kettle with only as much water as you need.

 Unplug your mobile phone as soon as it has finished charging

 The following is a list of items that may take an initial investment 

 Fit energy saving light bulbs

 Install thermostatic valves on your radiators

 Insulate your hot water tank, your loft, and your walls

 By installing 180mm thick loft insulation you could stop about 25% of your heat escaping through the roof.

 Replace your old boiler with a new energy efficient condensing boiler

 Travel less and travel more carbon footprint friendly. 

 Car share to work, or for the kid’s school run and use the bus or a train rather than your car

 For short journeys either walk or cycle

 Don’t use domestic flights (e.g. from London to Edinburgh), use a train or a coach.

December 2017 

Update on the review of Approved Contractor Scheme

Since early 2017, SIA have been working with Pye Tait to undertake a full review of the Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS), which will ensure the scheme remains fit for purpose.

 During phase 1 of this review, Pye Tait engaged approved contractors, other security contractors, buyers, assessing bodies and other stakeholders.

 An engagement was achieved via online surveys, telephone interviews, workshops and focus groups. Participants were asked to give their views on the present scheme, its advantages, and disadvantages and how it can be improved.

 The response was fantastic; over 650 people have contributed to the review. 

 A number of themes have emerged such as the purpose of the scheme; eligibility criteria; differentiation; raising the Standard; future ownership of the scheme. The findings from Phase 1 have also informed a number of recommendations for change, which we are now considering. We will provide a more detailed update on the results and our response in the New Year.

 New Standards

The findings from phase 1 were used to identify possible ways forward for improving the ACS, including the Standard.

The next phase – ‘market testing’ – will commence in early 2018, when proposals for a revised ACS will be shared with you, and feedback invited.

You can find out more and register your interest for participating in the market testing by visiting the ACS Review portal.

The revised Standard will be launched during the summer of 2018. SIA will publish all the latest information on their website and on Pye Tait’s ACS Review Portal.

November 2017

Counter-Terrorism Project Griffin Training in Glasgow for Security Operatives

On Tuesday 28 November, security operatives from around Glasgow attended Counter-Terrorism Project Griffin Training at Cathouse, a music venue in Glasgow.

The session in Glasgow was the first in a series of Project Griffin training sessions specifically targeting security operatives. A Police Scotland Counter Terrorism Security Adviser delivered the training and the event was supported by the National Licensed Trade Partnership (NLTP) whose Chair Donald McLeod provided the venue.

This training will roll out in the major cities across Scotland in the coming months on behalf of the Security Industry Safer Scotland – Counter Terrorism (SISS-CT) in partnerships with the Security Industry Authority (SIA) and Police Scotland.

Sharon Roberts, our Regional Manager for Scotland, said

Security operatives across Scotland play a critical role in protecting the public. Providing funded Project Griffin training to the Private Security Industry increases Scotland’s preparedness in the event of a terrorist attack. The fact that so many security officers and door supervisors have attended the training in their own time is testament to the dedication and professionalism of the security industry and reflects the determination of people in Scotland not to give in to terrorism.

Brian Muir, Chair of SSIS-CT, said:

“The Security Industry Safer Scotland – Counter Terrorism (SISS-CT) Group welcomes this important initiative. This Project Griffin training is a vital tool in providing people with the knowledge and skills to recognise the threats posed by terrorism and to understand the actions they can take to prevent it and make places and communities safer.

The SISS-CT’s activities are not restricted to SIA licensed personnel and apply to the wider security industry. The Group consists of representatives from Police Scotland, the Scottish Business Resilience Centre, the SIA, security providers in Scotland and various other related agencies.”

Donald MacLeod, Chairman of the NLTP said,

“The National Licensing Trade Partnership is very happy to lend its support to the SIA and Project Griffin. After the recent terrorist atrocities in Paris, Manchester and London, It is now vital that all who are involved in the licence trade recognise the benefits of Counter Terrorism training, which sadly is now as important as it is necessary. The safety of the general public and staff must always come first and never more so in these dangerous times.

The aim of the NLTP is to develop and promote positive working relationships between Police Scotland, the SIA and the license trade as well as support a shared aim of best practice, responsible operation and mutual respect for each other, and Project Griffin Counter Terrorism Training ticks all these boxes and more.”

Steve Johnson, Police Scotland Assistant Chief Constable (Crime) said,

This event is an ideal opportunity to develop existing relationships in Scotland between Police Scotland and the private security industry and their key partners. Police Scotland are delighted to support the innovative work being carried out by the Security Industry Safer Scotland (CT) Group at this time of increased risk nationally. The event reaffirms the benefits of collaborative working; ensuring organisations work together for a common goal, rather than in isolation, to make  Scotland safer for all of our communities

Further information:
The Security Industry Authority is the organisation responsible for regulating the private security industry in the United Kingdom, reporting to the Home Secretary under the terms of the Private Security Industry Act 2001. The SIA’s main duties are: the compulsory licensing of individuals undertaking designated activities; and managing the voluntary Approved Contractor Scheme.