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Our Services

It all starts with understanding your specific needs, then building and blending a security solution that not only meets those needs but also anticipates change. Our carefully selected and trained people are sensitive to your unique business needs, they provide a friendly, safe and secure professional environment.

Event and Show Security

We understand the importance of the first point of contact at an event or show, all our professionally trained people are approachable and customer friendly and possess a positive resolve to any situation.

From preparing the initial security details to wrapping it all up, our security guards will be there from beginning to end ensuring your event stays secure throughout. Specialising in conflict management and highly competent in physical intervention, communication and incident reporting, our closely managed response units quickly and expertly defuse, de-escalate or deal with disorder when it occurs.

Retail Security

We understand retailer’s concerns regarding risk management and loss prevention. All of our security officers and store detectives are thoroughly screened, well trained, SIA licensed, and experienced. Our officers are trained to always use sound judgment and respect while ensuring the best interests of your business and customers are always protected.


Security company Essex

Construction & Static Sites Security

We provide professionally trained and experienced SIA licensed personnel throughout the UK. All our people are fully screened to British Standard BS7858 and trained to British Standard BS7499 as a minimum.


Dog Mobile Patrols

Security dogs are a highly effective, their hearing, scent and movement detection abilities make a serious deterrent to criminals. We provide well trained security dogs and handlers to protect your property, premises and people. 


Reception & Concierge Services

We provide full managed front of house services to this most important area of your business; all our receptionists and concierge staff are security trained adding value to their already customer centric approach.


CCTV Monitoring

The closed-circuit television systems (CCTV) are critically important to most businesses, with recent improvements made to quality and innovation to technology (IP) means that CCTV is still the most valuable tool to have for the detection of crime.